Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I haven't been too busy to blog. I've been too busy to want to blog. I didn't feel like taking pictures of anything or tossing a humorous outlook onto anything. I just wanted to live.

Not to be dramatic. One can certainly blog and live fully.

But blogs have changed. Where once there were plenty of diary style blogs that helped you ride shotgun in the lives of friends, that has been replaced by Facebook. Now, most of the personal blogs I have in my feed have been dormant for a long while. And by personal, I mean blogs that contain no content other than what is personally going on in the lives of the writer. The shotgun seat. Blogs these days aren't a passenger seat, they are commercials for first class plane tickets that we readers ogle but have no intention of buying.

So where does that leave a dusty twelve year old blog? My blog has hit adolescence and still lacks an identity.  Is it my public diary? Do I want it to be more?

I have no idea.

I launched a business late last year. I had and have a burning interest in that. It excites me to work on it. I feel in control (well, if I were totally in control I'd double my client list in a week, but I digress). So there adds another dimension: do I discuss business related things here? Begin a new, business related blog? Or continue to wrestle with my iPhone in hopes it will make my living room look like my children have not tossed all the throw pillows onto the floor?

I'm writing all this to say: I'm not sure where I want this blog to end up. I do know that writing is important to me, and I too easily fall into the habit of not doing it. So I keep this URL; I keep this space; and apparently I spruce up the logo a bit and decide to dive right back in.

Come in with me. The water is fine, if lacking direction.


My Notting Hill said...

Congrats on your new business venture!! Blogging has definitely changed, I post pretty infrequently now. Hope this finds you well and enjoying life. All the best - Michele

Annapolady said...

Hey there! Glad to hear from you. I was happy to see your latest posts, but definitely understand how it goes. I will begin posting here and there soon. Likewise hope all is well with you. - Dawn